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All City Tour”

Travel through NYC by Bus or Van




The Tour has numerous stops to get on and off Bus

Hotel Pick up/ Marriot Marquis Hotel !!


  • Times Square 45th St. in Front Starbucks

  • Theater District visit Sardi’s (Inside)

  • Fashion District

  • Madison Square Garden/Macy’s

  • Fur District

  • Flower District

  • Madison Square Park/ Flatiron (STOP)

  • Empire State Building (VIEW)

  • Chelsea/ Meat Packing District

  • West Village

  • Greenwich Village

  • SoHo

  • Canal Street/Chinatown/ Gangs of NY

  • The Civic District

  • Brooklyn Bridge/ Woolworth Building/Tribeca

(Drive across Chambers Street to West Street to Murray Street)

  • Winter Garden/ Ground Zero (STOP)

  • Scenic Overlook/Robert Wagner Park/Statue of Liberty/Ellis Island (STOP)

(Drive State Street to FDR Drive passed)

  • South Street Seaport/Brooklyn Bridge/Manhattan Bridge/Williamsburg Bridge

  • Lower East Side


(Drive up 1st Ave passed)

  • East Village

  • Bed Pan Alley

  • United Nations

(Drive across 49th Street to Lexington)

  • Grand Central Terminal (STOP) (Enter on Lexington Ave. side/exit on Vanderbilt Ave. to meet bus on 43rd Street)

(Drive up Madison to 49th Street)

  • Saks Fifth Avenue

  • St. Patrick’s Cathedral

  • Rockefeller Center (STOP)

  • Radio City Music Hall

(Drive up CP South- left to Central

Park West passed)

  • Columbus Circle/Time Warner Complex

  • Tavern on the Green/The Dakota/American Museum of Natural History/Great Apartment Buildings

  • Central Park 100th street Waterfall (STOP)

(Meet bus at 103 and Central Park West)

(Continue on Frederick Douglass Blvd. to

125 make right passed)

  • Harlem/The Apollo Theater/Hotel Theresa/Clinton Office Building

(Right on 5th Ave. passed)

  • Marcus Garvey Park

  • Millionaires Mile/ Museum Mile

  • Guggenheim Museum

  • Andrew Carnegie’s mansion/ E. F. Hutton & Jackie O’s apartments

  • Metropolitan Museum of Art/Frick Collection

  • Plaza Hotel




The stops can be altered to fit your needs and interests.


Half Day tour 4-5 hours


Topics & points of Interest!



  • Castle Clinton

  • US Customs house /Native American Museum

  • Bowling Green

  • Landfill-“ Moon Lighters”

  • Men in Black Bldg

  • Moby dick

  • Hudson River

  • Erie Canal

  • Water Street

  • Staten Island Ferry

  • Vanderbilt and mothers $ 100

  • The bull

  • Dutch NY

  • Fraunces Tavern

  • Governors Island

  • Brooklyn Heights

  • South street seaport

  • Fulton Fish Market

  • Food Court Overlook:

  • BMW

  • Elephants & Stampede

  • Dumbo

  • Fulton’s landing

  • The Brooklyn Bridge ( Women engineer)

  • Brooklyn Navy Yard

  • Prisons of War

  • Drive up to 34th street ( Highway)

  • Houston Street

  • Little Bombay

  • Erin Brockovich??? Bandshell

  • Corlears Hookers

  • Pen Pan Alley

  • Bellview hospital

  • Tudor City windows

  • United Nations history

  • Flags

  • Protests space

  • U Thant Island

  • Elephant ????

  • Trump Bldg/ Tallest /Who ???

  • Katherine Hepburn garden

  • Up First Ave.

  • Residential

  • 59th street bridge

  • Trivia

  • Left on 86th street or 79th

( Time)

  • Central Park

  • Conservatory Water 72nd

  • Pale Male

  • Boat racing

  • C P Conservancy

  • Alice in Wonderland Pictures

  • Rich

  • Pierre Hotel owners

  • Penthouse$$$

  • Plaza Movies

  • 5th Ave

  • Shopping Richest

  • Atlas

  • St Patricks

  • Rock Center

  • Off bus( Pictures)

  • Times Square

  • Naked Cowboys

  • TKTS

  • The Ball

  • Theater Unemployment

  • Ellen’s Stardust Diner

  • Mars 2112

  • 42nd past

  • Library lions

  • Garment District

  • Empire Plane crash

  • 1 year 45 days to Build

  • Option ( Ground Zero Winter Garden view !)

  • Time permitting




The Tours can be divided into full day or half day segments!


TOUR # 1 Lower Manhattan

  • Wall Street

  • Ground Zero

  • Staten Island Ferry

  • Historic NY area

  • Battery Park

  • Chinatown

  • Lunch Break ( Chinatown)

  • South Street Seaport

  • City Hall Brooklyn Bridge


This would be an all day affair !!!!!


If interested we could arrange for other ½ day tours of……at a reduced rate!! SEE Below!


EXAMPLE of possible other day tours:


TOUR # 2 Mid Town (Monday)


  • Times Square

  • Rockefeller Center

  • Grand Central Terminal

  • U N Area

  • Park Ave

  • 42nd street Library.



  • Harlem

  • Central Park

  • Morningside Heights

  • ( Columbia University, St John the Devine Cathedral

  • Grants Tomb)

  • Upper West side

  • ( Museum of Natural history area)


All tours by subway or bus! Excellent orientation and efficient way of learning and exploring NYC


Susan & Art Zuckerman


In between tours visit sites that you “do not” need a guide!



  • United Nations

  • Museums (Natural History or Met or misc others!)

  • Empire State or Top of the Rock

  • Broadway Shows TKTS

  • 5th Ave retail

  • Churches

  • Zoos

  • Shopping

  • Many more…….


Or just revisit places they have seen on the guided tour and want to visit in more detail.


Radio show:

To have students and Parents on for a 20 minutes interview prior to visit to



On a live segment about things to do and questions about NYC on live Radio!

Copy of show will be mailed to you weeks after your visit!


The live interview can be heard via internet the night of the interview by going to WEB site and clicking” listen Live”



New York States Most Influential Radio Station”
Monday night at 8 to 9 PM 

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