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Tour Reviews

"The whole Zuckerman Family made us feel a 100% welcome. We had contact before the visit via e-mail and felt we were meeting friends before we even arrived. We both greatly enjoyed the anecdote, history, stories and snippets of New York life supplied by this knowledgeable family! We were taken to great places to eat and shop as well as to see the sights. Best of all, we were left feeling we had seen the best of New York and of New Yorkers.  I can't wait to come back, both to see the city and also to see our friends"
-- Cecilia Thompson & Family.  London, England


"We could never say enough good things about our experience. The Zuckermans were excellent hosts and are very knowledgeble and proud of their city. They not only provided an excellant tour and history during our time together, but they provided us with an itinerary for the night before we met, and the night after. Having kids themselves, they understood what we needed as a family. We had planned to stay in at night, or just close by, but they encouraged us to have fun! We did just that and can't wait to return. Your Program is Gold"
Beverly, Gary Pack and Family.  Virginia, USA


"Hello Art,  
We are back in Essen safely.  Once again thank you and your family very much for the fantastic tour on Sunday. We enjoyed very much. We hope that we will have possibility to show you Essen and its surroundings. -- Judith and Harald Spliessgardt. Essen, Germany


On behalf of my whole family,  I wish to thank you ounce more for taking the time to show us around NY! We went back to SOHO, Greenwich Village and Chinatown and did some shopping!!! I hope your Alaskan cruise this summer is going to be fantastic and if you ever decide to come to Copenhagan please let us know and we'll do our best in showing you our city
-- Ann Charlott and Family. Copenhagen, Danmark


"Art took  time to research and fax us additional info at the hotel. His advice was instrumental in our trip to New York being a great trip!" 
-- Peter Gray and Peter Nary. Brisbane , Australia


The Zuckerman's know so much about New York they went out of their own way to help us find off the tourist trail activities and to plan our days. Their were extra calls to check on us as well as fax us. They are a real credit to the city. We feal as though wehave made friends not just for this week but for the future. Our kids and theirs got along so well. They did a superior job, they are pround of their city. -- Betty Moody and Family. Denver, Colorado

Art and Susan were most welcoming and helpful both before and after our meeting and we hope we made long term friends. They were very informative. But most of all it was the opportunity to meet NewYorkers wich made this one of the highlights of our hollyday.We find NewYorkers very friendly and helpful. Who says they aren't? Thank You.
-- Richard Myatt. New Castle, UK


Our tour was outstanding!!! We had so much fun, and learned so much. It really allowed us to gain a good understanding of the city in a very short while. Art and Susan were so wonderful to us. We had dinner at Wo Hop in Chinatown, and it was delicious. I really appreciate it. It made us want to come back to NewYork.
-- Wayne Robison


Tour Profile Review
(Reviewed by David Bressler, Tour Guest)

The Zuckermans offer tours that are entirely unique!  Each tour takes considerably longer (4-6 hours versus 2 hours) than the average tour in NY City. Much of the enthusiasm and passion for New York City is generated by their love of “The City” and their endless knowledge of New York and travel which they exhibit on their weekly radio Talk show on WVOX radio Monday evenings at 8 PM called “Z” Travel and Leisure.

Susan, has a Masters Degree in History from Albany State University and is currently a History Teacher in Yonkers NY. with enough credits for her doctorate.  Art is a former Teacher, Basketball Coach and Computer entrepreneur and a history nut! Both are licensed NYC Tour Guides.

The combination of persistent attention to detail, loads of visual aids, music and diverse perspectives from the male and female side brings a creative flair to their tours.
The Zuckerman’s love their hobby and put their great drive and motivation into each tour. Many tour guides are pressured to just do each tour, “earn a living” and move on. The Zuckerman’s approach is upbeat, casual and personal; covering and considering every aspect of tour members’ interests. The tours usually have a lunch stop (cost to be incurred by the tour member) and other stops along the way for shopping, snacking and, the all important, bathroom breaks.

As Art says during each tour, “our goal is to have everyone enjoy himself. “Our rewards are more in the smiles and the joy that people get from our tours than monetary”. They encourage questions, and because they do their tours together they can most often give personal attention to each individual”.

In a recent tour of China Town and the Five Points Area of NY, details like History, Food tips, Chinese culture habits and perspective were covered. “We always point out buildings and points of interests with anecdote and details that people find interesting,” says Art. Recently the discussion of Chinese custom of eating snake was discussed.  Susan’s comment was that if “Adam and Eve were Chinese we may still have been in the Garden of Eden!”  Always adding humor!

Maps are always given out with handout material.  “We absolutely want the people to be able to retrace their steps and come back and enjoy our tour over & over on their own”!  Art has stated numerous times “ We have more fun preparing for and doing the tours than most of the people who take the tours”.

The Zuckermans delight in giving all their tours. Their tour friends range from college students and professors to retirees, and with 14 & 17 year old boys and 2 Golden Retrievers, they also relate very much to the young students who attend the tours.  “As a present & an ex-teacher we want to not only educate but also to entertain”! Keeping people interested is our continual goal.  They research and prepare based on each group, factoring in age, experiences and cultural experience. For example, they had a group of middle school students visiting the Lower East Side and one stop was a pet store where the *censored*roaches for the movie “Men in Black” were purchased.  The Madagascan Hissing Roaches were $14.95 each.

One area they have a great time with is their secret and anecdotes that most have heard of but are unfamiliar with their origins.


“Keeping up with the Jones”
“23 Skidoo”
“Hatchet Men”
“You’re a “Hick”
“Houston = “How” ston Street”
Wall St. had a wall”

After our tours we can absolutely say that NY City is no longer a mystery and our comfort and relationship to this melting pot city is clearer than we ever would have imagined.

The Zuckerman’s upbeat personalities and enthusiasm are a compliment to their skills. Susan’s historic perspective and Art’s experience as a Radio Talk Show Host and movie producer lead the tours to be far superior to anything we have seen in Tour Guides of NY. Their tours are affordable and tie into their great desire to make sure that first you have a good time. Money is not their motive, which allows them to give you the best buy for your dollar in New York City.

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