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Tuesday, August 04 2020 @ 05:37 PM CDT

Harbor Cruise & neighborhood visit!




  • Spend the day touring a neighborhood of choice and then experience the Harbor of New York on a 80 foot schooner as you see NY from it’s most magnificent view

(3 hour boat cruise!)

  • Tours are “customized” and semi-private

  • Lunch break ( Not Included in Price) Many Options

  • Maximum 55 Guests & escorted bus travel

  • Guides are licensed NYC and radio talk show hosts

  • Most unique tour in New York City”

  • Full Day adventure


The most incredible way to see NYC in luxury, and learn trivia, anecdotes, on this non-stop narrative cruise as you circumnavigate the island!

Places you’ll pass & hear the secrets of….


  • Black Tom island terrorist explosion & Pres. Wilson

  • The face of “Lady Liberty”

  • The Brooklyn bridge death stampede

  • Insane Asylum Reporter

  • Ellis Island’s secrets

  • The Little Red Lighthouse

  • In “Spite of the Devil”

  • Vice Pres. & Secretary of Treasury duel!

  • 30 million in glass damage

  • Governor’s Island & Walt Disney!

  • Washington’s Escape

  • 21 elephants & the Brooklyn Bridge panic

  • Ivy League boat racing

  • Bette Midler’s park

  • The Mayor & his “non” residence

  • Dumbo” history

  • Hugh Jackman , Calvin Klein, Nicole Kidman residences

  • Cliff hangers & Silent movies

  • Wild parrots of NJ

  • The UN Elephant embarrassment

  • And much more……


For more details call 914 224-7134 or email [email protected]

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