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Tuesday, August 04 2020 @ 05:37 PM CDT

NY’s Old Italy & Tuscany in the same day!

(New York’s greatest new treasures! A can’t miss experience!)


Imagine visiting Italy without leaving New York!! Experience the journey from Italy to America as you simulate travel in steerage as the millions did in the 1880’s, then travel back in time to immigrant “Little Italy” on Mulberry street and later travel to the Beautiful Gardens of Italian Tuscany by ferry!


Learn about…………………

  • The Italian experience in America The “New “ Italian American Museum
  • The hero’s and the Cultures of little Italy
  • The Hero cop killed by the Black Hand
  • Mafia Murders and haunts
  • Who was San Gennaro and the Church of the Most Precious Blood
  • And much more…………….


****Bring the kids for a day of informative and education about Italian Heritage


You’ll visit Little Italy, Staten Island’s Tuscan Gardens and take the Staten Island Ferry with an option to visit the Garibaldi/Meucci Museum and learn about its hero’s.








Enjoy the food of Little Italy for lunch!”


Call 914 633-6658 or www.ztravelandleisure.com

An Immigrant Experience!!!







The secrets of “Little Italy” Tour



Experience some of the secrets of America’s first “Little Italy”


  • Learn about the Italian Emigration to America

  • The “Black Hands” Control

  • Word Origins

  • Architecture

  • Crazy Joe Gallo’s lion

  • The History of Pizza & Other Italian Food Favorites

  • Celebrity Haunts

  • Learn some Italian

  • Life in a Tenement

  • John Gotti’s Social Club

  • Giuseppe Petrosino’s war against crime



  • The St. Gennaro festival’s history

  • Mayor Fiorello La Guardia

  • Farfiello” the Clown

  • The best Restaurants to …

  • MOB”ese & Italian Slang

  • Do’s and Don’ts of being Italian

  • Movie sites & Murder & Mayhem

  • Garibaldi & Meucci Heroes

  • Italian Superstitions

  • Lots of Trivia



Tours are $15.00 per person and 2 hours in length

Call for an appointment

For more information contact:

Bob @ (212) 965-9000



Ask about our Food Sampling Tour”

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